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Discover a new way to write your notes, on your own computer, with no eavesdropping by any cloud, and with the ability to sell your best notes, or get a donation.Satoshi Notes is the cool alternative to a notebook, a diary or even a way to sell your content directly to people.

Free Note Taking Software

Powerful Note Taking

Satoshi Notes gives you an easy to use electronic notepad, similar to Apple Notes, or MS Outlook.No need to learn Markdown, or any special way to write. Best of all the text is HTML, meaning you can see it anywhere, and you can easily publish online if you wish to do so.

Privacy built in

Runs on Your Computer

Unlike most other note-taking solutions, Satoshi Notes runs on your own computer. Your files never leave your Mac or PC, so there is zero possibility of security issues, or a large company reading what you write.In addition you can save your text online in a powerful blockchain called the Internet Computer, it is a secure and independent cloud, away from BigTech.


Full Bitcoin Support

Imagine you write a very valuable piece of information, a note you wish you had when you were learning Spanish, or perhaps when you visited Paris for the first time. Real valuable tips.Or maybe your content is worth money for an investor, or trader in stock or cryptocurrency. Real valuable content, that people would pay for, but that is much shorter than a book.Well now you can sell those notes, or if you want just get a donation for your shared wisdom using Bitcoin! SatoshiNotes makes this easy, and secure.


ckBTC Fast & Affordable

ckBTC is a technology created by the Internet Computer blockchain that allows you to send and receive Bitcoin fast, and with very low fees.ckBTC is safer than the Lightning Network because there are no third-party nodes, and there is security and encryption in the whole network. ckBTC is ideal to receive the payments or donations you would like for your valuable notes.

Open Source

Our Team

Most photos and text below are drafts, the only real photo and full name is from the Founder. The developer team first names are correct, but the content will come when we do our release.

Joseph Hurtado

Founder, CIO, Product Manager, Programmer

Expert in Project Management, Agile Transformation, Software Development, and Blockchain Consulting.

Valerii Confidential

Sr. Full Stack Developer

Full name, and description pending Release of our Software - Pellentesque tincidunt tortor aliquam nulla. Amet tellus cras adipiscing enim eu turpis egestas pretium.

Declan Confidential

Lead Rust Developer

Full name, and description pending Release of our Software - Vitae ultricies leo integer nunc vel risus commodo viverra. Libero faucibus nisl tincidunt eget.

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